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What to do about my chicken strips?

I have a bad a** bike and all the gear but these dam strips are killing me. How can I wear the unused section of tire without risking wrecking my sweet machine?


Take your motorcycle to a racetrack for a track day and you will lean it over further than ever before in a relatively safe environment. If you are worried about your pristine bodywork, take it off and run it naked.
don't become a prat who gives a **** about them only to$$ers, people go to all lengths to get rid of them they use files sand paper u name it, all it says about you is i care what people think about me how i ride, get over it, i know motorcycle racers who have them on there road bikes thers a time place for every thing do it on the track if you must, if you do loads of motorway riding you will proberly end up with a flat centre section it doesnot mean you are riding slow or like a geriatric it means you do alot of miles in a straight line, when i was younger to$$ers used to rub their boots knee sliders on a wall or grinder to look like they had been scratching every one knew who they were, its sad realy
The problem is that motorcycle tires are round while pavement is flat. Therefore, like it or not, rear tires wear flat. Your only option would be to run the tire half flat. That'll sure get the outsides on the pavement. Of course it'll handle like my daughter's two caster wheeled, swivel in the middle skateboard. And you'll probably overheat the tire, have it blow out and find your face grinding into the pavement. Otherwise, just accept it. One other thing, the problem with bad a**ed machines is that invariably, they're badder than the guy running them, especially when he's the one that considers them bad a**ed. Just rememer that unless you're one of those wimpy all show and no go guys, inevitably you will be the one that ends up skinned, bruised, bloody and/or dead. Just for the record, on a curvy road I've passed up those kinds of guys on my 760 lb full dresser. Honestly. So be careful who you show off too, they might just do the same thing.

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