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What to do if accidentaly swallowed ceramic clay?

today in ceramics, my table was messing around with clay dust and hardened clay chunks. I accidently inhaled some, and little chunks went down my throat. my teacher said it is extremely toxic. and now im feeling nauseous. what do I do? no stupid answers please. THNX (:


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Your teacher is stupid - either for actually using toxic clay in a class situation or thinking the stuff is toxic or telling you that it is if she/he was joking. Virtually all ceramic clay is not only not toxic but is made of things that people sometimes think they can eat although it is usually women thinking it makes for an easier birth - and makes them anemic with long use and subject to heart attacks in the strain of birthing. Call a poison control center and ask if you are worried enough or in actual pain - but if you do so, expect the teacher to get in trouble for any of the 3 reasons above.
Drink plenty of water. 1. Stop being an idiot in class. 2.If you're at a table where others are being idiots, move. 3. Clay it self is not toxic, however the dust from a ceramics enviroment can be because it will include plaster particles, glaze dust and bacteria, it's why you are told to damp wipe down. 4. Learn to respect your tutor's advice and understand that they understand a lot more about things than you do. 5. I suspect your behaviour annoyed your teacher which is why you got the response you did. You are feeling nauseous because at least part of what you inhaled has bacteria in it from other peoples hands or worse. This is not a stupid answer, it is an admonishment, please learn from it.

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