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What trans and axles should I use?

I‘ve got a94 gmc Sierra with a freshly rebuilt 350 with some work done to it. I want to put a better trans, would prefer a manual, and I want to put new racing axles and leaf springs and or shocks. I basically need to know what needs to be swapped underneath. It‘s currently 4 wheel drive but I want to take out the transfer case.


Just get another truck if you want a 2 wheel drive. Even if you take out the transfer case, you still have a front differential, and drive axles dragging you down with weight and friction. You will also need a new drive-shaft because the one it has now is for use with the transfer case and will be too short . If you want to switch to a manual transmission, you should get a parts truck with one in it so you have all the required parts. It would be better to find a 1990-94 2 wheel drive truck with the standard transmission, that needs an engine, and swap the engine out.
May 28, 2018

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