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What would be a good rear tire for my R1?

I have a 2004 R1. I currently have Bridgestone Battlax BT-003 tire‘s. Before that had the Pilot Powers. I like the 190 tires. Just the wide look is sweet. The feel is a little better in my opinion than a 180. Anyway, I need new tires and was looking at some but not sure how they react to my riding. I ride to work 5 miles there and 5 back, and of course love to ride with my buddies every now and again. I want a tire that is going to STICK. Yet I don‘t want it only to last 1klol. In your opinion, what would be the best tire. Thanks!


It would be a lot cheaper to go out and buy one.
Stick with the Pilot Powers. They have a dual compound that's super soft on the outside for great grip and hard in the middle for longevity. Thats what I'm riding with and I love them.
Easy.Dunlop Roadsmart. I have a 2006 CBR1000RR and I love these tires. I ride to work everyday, about a 22 mile round trip. On the weekends I head out and rip up the back roads. The Roadsmart is a DC sport touring tire that is actually made for heavier machines (Kawi Concourse Yami FJR) , but still performs well enough for aggressive street riding. It get hot real fast, real sticky and has excellent grip in the rain. Good neutral turn in and smooth riding.I love these tires I've got a little over 4500 miles on the set and have only used maybe 1/3 of the tread. I shouldn't have any problem reaching 10,000
I didn't like the Bridge stone line. Ive never used the Dunlop road tire That was mentioned. I had excellent wear and grip with the Metzeler M3 Sportech. It had GREAT tread life and the best grip ive had in any sport tire ive used. (Dunlop, Pilot power+sport+2CT, Metzeler M5 and M3, Bridgstone battleaxe, and a number of Pirelli sport tires) It is still a sport tire but it is made with silica compounds that cause it to live longer. Metzeler is less popular for some reason but they are excellent tires and are superior to the cool names if that's more important to you than grip. The company only makes motorcycle tires. I personally go for performance and technology. The same reason i don't buy Harley Davidson products. They are expensive so be prepared for that. Dealers wont be able to get discounts because they cant sell nearly as many of them as the Michelin and Dunlop ETC.

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