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Whats the difference between the axle back vs the cat back exhaust?

i was wandering in comparison wat is the main differences? how do they differ in hp, and how do they mainly differ in sound.im trying to figure out if i should buy just a axle back exhaust or a full cat back exhaust.


The cat back is new pipe and muffler plus a tip usually from the back of the cat to rear bumper. Since the cat is usually located almost near front of car engine, it cost more. The Axle-back is from rear axle or rear wheels to back bumper, which is a shorter piece of pipe and usually replaces muffler and new tip too. Cheaper and is simple. Cat back systems do not include a new catalytic converter and is extra, unless they give you a good deal. The sound differs if you change the muffler, pipe is pipe and straight through has no effect on sound. It does reduce low end RPM if you have too large a pipe and open chamber muffler, but gains some top end hp.
May 28, 2018
They are just what they say. Cat back means from the catalytic converter on back. These are generally more high performance. Axle back systems usually just make a single exhaust look like duals. They don't sound as good, or have much performance gain. Cat back cost more.
May 28, 2018

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