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Whats up with my windshield wipers?

We have a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer and every time it rains the wipers kind of drag on the windshield. My husband replaced them already and it‘s still doing it. He thinks it‘s the motor but is there anything we can do to see what the problem is before we invest in a new motor? A few times when it was raining and it was on high speed the wipers would pause for about 3 seconds then go again. The highest level would do about the job of the medium speed level. If anyone can help me that‘ll be great. I appreciate it. :)


It certainly sounds like the windshield wiper motor is beginning to seize up. I had the same problem with my Chevy truck when it hit the 10 year old mark. Too many people suspect electrical or switch problems which is very rarely the case. The windshield wiper system is pretty simple in design. I would replace the wiper motor assembly before your wipers stop completely. It's not very fun to try driving without wipers in a down pour! Good luck!

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