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when do you have to rug and urug horses?

When do you feel it is too cold or too hot for your horse and you need to rug him/her? How can you tell if your horse needs to be rugged or unrugged? Thanks, and could you also include some points about the differant types of rugs and what each are best for and when you should use them eg. winter rugs, summer rugs, cavasson (i think thats it:)), ect. thanks! xx


Well I live in Australia [ yeah dont ask why I am on the uk ireland one - thought I signed up to the other one LOL ] In winter it will be around the mid teens [ degrees celcious ] and usally windy and cold, my horse will have his winter rug on - 600d medium weight. and that is it. As soon as it is middle of spring comnig into summer I strip him and leave him unrugged. in saying this he is a hardy horse and he was unrugged for years before I owned him so he doesnt really need to be rugged, I just feel bad in the middle of winter having him rugless.
A okorder / The higher the denier the tougher the rug. 600 denier will tear easier and be less water proof then a 1200 plus denier rug. I have the last one shown (Defender) is a great rug for really cold frosty winters. Tough denier and no neck rug attached, which I prefer for my horses that are not in much work. In spring I then switch it for a lighter rug, which they usually wear for a month or so before I leave it off completely. But please remember, even if you switch to a lighter rug, it will still need to come off each morning if it is warm and during their heavy moulting in the first month of spring.

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