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When eating at home, what are the manners on the table

When eating at home, what are the manners on the table?


Seating etiquette. Guests are seated at the table first, and the elders are seated. Guests are seated next to each other. When seated, they should enter from the left of the chair. Don't move your chopsticks when seated. Don't make any noise. Don't get up and walk. If there is anything to say hello to the host (for the entrance to the seat, usually in accordance with the identity of the other side to arrange).
Oct 25, 2017
When dining, first ask the guest to move the chopsticks. Dish each less, far away from their own to eat some vegetables, do not make a sound when eating soup, also not a sound soup with a spoon supping, should not put the bowl to your mouth to drink soup, hot cool after drink, don't drink while blowing. Some people eat, like to chew hard food, and make a very clear sound, this approach is not etiquette requirements, especially when eating with people, we should try to prevent this phenomenon.
Oct 25, 2017
Don't eat hiccup, other voices will not arise if there is sneezing, bowel and other can't help the sound, it is necessary to say "I feel shy", "sorry", "please forgive me" like it, apologize.
Oct 25, 2017
If you want to give the best serving guests or elders, use chopsticks, can also be the guests or elders far away from the dishes to their front. According to the habit of the Chinese nation, a dish is one of the top, if the table is leadership, the elderly, the guests said, whenever a new food line on the first Dongkuaizi ask them, or take the first Dongkuaizi ask them to show their importance.
Oct 25, 2017

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