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Where can I buy some fire resistant condoms?

Me and the old lady are planning to do a little role playing. You she has had this firefighter fantasy for quite some time now and I feel that if it were a surprise it would be all the more erotic. I've already bought the gasoline, purchased some fireman suit at the local adult store, and installed locks on all the doors and windows in our apartment, but I don't want to risk impregnating her as she forgot to take her birth control pill a couple days ago. Where can I find some fire resistant condoms?


To make it simple, you need to cool it down. To cool it down, you need to chill it significantly so it can react quickly to small changes in temperature. That requires cooling it with something really cold, like liquid nitrogen. And you need to provide shielding to keep the sensor from getting false readings from the operator. You see how quickly it goes from simple to not so simple. And it's not cheap, either. If this is something you really need, pony up the bucks for a properly engineered, manufactured one.
I would say Skype is the best. I suppose you could just try them both and see which gets on better? I think as Skype is mainly for this purpose (video calling), it would come out top. Skype is pretty good in all parts of the world.

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