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Where can I buy Vermiculite for gardening other than online?

Does anyone know where I can buy Vermiculite for gardening other than online?


either have the seller deduct cost of removal from house or remove yourself. wear a mask to be safe and you can put it out with the trash just be smart about it
First, have it tested to find out AND have someone who knows what they are doing interpret the test results. Second, it's probably more dangerous to remove it than to leave it in place, maybe cover it with a layer of cellulose to reduce exposure. Third, hire an abatement company, it's the only safe way to do it, unless you experienced with this type of thing, not to mention you can't just put it out with the trash if it has asbestos in it
Removing Vermiculite
I've been dealing with raccoons (the same female I think) for 3 years. The first thing I recommend for everyone who see raccoons in their neighborhood is to do a thorough inspection of your house to make sure raccoons or squirrels have no access to you attic. Next at the first sign of infestation get a a couple nylon socks, place at least 5 moth balls in it, then soak the nylon socks in pinesol. Throw/place these socks in several locations through out the attic. The smell is very unpleasant for them and they move, but you have to monitor daily. Racoons are smart and they will do their best to remove the offensive smelling socks out of the attic, simply put the socks back again. Also loud noise makes them uncomfortable, I recommend putting a radio in the attic on a metal rock station or a talk show. If you get the chance, shoot the critters, cause they will return every year. Trust me I'm dealing with it!
NEVER disturb the vermiculite. You must assume that it contains asbestos until it is proven that it does not. There is really no need to remove it, cover it with cellulose insulation to achieve the desired R value

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