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where can i find how axles work?

im building a bike for a school project. its a big tricycle and the entire back axle will be spinning. i know how axles work, but not the details. i need to design one that will have 3 points where the frame connects to the spinning axle. i know it will have barrings of course, but i need something to show my teacher. any clue where i can find something online that might show something like this or something similar? thanx


Although Sheldon Browns website is usually a good resource I am afraid he won't help you out too much on this one. This answer is a little long so bear with me Most of the time the axles do not spin. Instead, they are held in place solidly and the wheels spin on them, with bearings installed in each wheel. Think about a kiddies trike, a wagon, or a wheelchair. If you look at a bicycle, you will note that the axle is held stationary by bolting it onto the frame while the wheels spin around them. Having the wheels fixed onto the axle, and having the whole unit turn sounds like too much friction and too many mechanical problems. but who knows. you may just have something if you can work it out! EDIT: I don't know how the drive is going to be on your bike, but if both rear wheels are going to be solidly joined you won't be able to turn easily. the outside wheel (if turning left, for example, the outside wheel is the right wheel) turns faster than the inside wheel. This will result in the rear end skipping along. With sufficient drag on one wheel you might even twist the axle and break it in half! Most rear drive tricycles only have one wheel drive, with the other one just coming along for the ride. If you have front drive (like kiddies trikes) you will still have the same skipping problem but less of a hassle figuring out a drive (except of course trying to figure out how to make a chain warp as the wheel turns to steer.).
May 28, 2018
correct, unless you are bring your porsche to a track race day often, the regular brakes will not fade in normal driving. Brakes fade when they get to a high temp, after very frequent stops (like when you are driving on a race track). Some porsche owners do participate in club races and stuff so they would want the carbon ceramic when starting and stopping over and over when doing race track laps. But for the normal person who wants to drive around in a fast car, the normal brakes are perfectly fine. The carbon ceramics are probably like a $5000 option anyways. Not worth it unless you legitimately drive your car HARD
May 28, 2018
the ceramic brakes are a real must have if thinking of buying a porsche.the stopping power is immense
May 28, 2018
It depends on how much you rdrive your car. If it will be a daily driver, then yes, it is worth it. Also if you plane to race with it, then yes. Ceramic brakes will get your car around the track 3-5 seconds faster than regular breaks. If you plan on driving your car only on weekends, then forget it.
May 28, 2018

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