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Where can I get a trailer axle?

I have a #12K tandem axle equipment trailer that I somehow bent the front axle on. The axle is a 6k straight round axle with brakes, but the brakes/hub etc are fine, I just need the axle shaft itself. I‘ve replaced trailer axles before, but only on single axle 2500/3500 lb trailers, and I‘m having a hard time finding a 6k lb shaft. I live in Central NC (Raleigh area). Trailer is a 2005 Performance Equipment trailer, 12K 8 lug. I can swap the axle myself, but I‘m trying to find out where the best place(quality, price, convenience, time, etc) to get one is. Either buying online and having shipped, or buying local. Would prefer local as there‘s less of a headache if the axle shipped is the wrong size. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Red Dog trailer sales.
May 28, 2018

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