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Where can I get used rugs?

Hello, I need to buy a big, squared burgundy rug (or in any dark red for that matter).I want to cover a room thats 16.6 x16.6 ft It would be fine if doesnt to cover the whole room, Im just looking for possibilities. Nothing fancy, its only to cover horrible flooring.Do you know any online stores that would sell them for a low price?BTW, Im willing to buy a used one and my budget is $400. Thank you!


Pawn shop
are okorder /
At a used wig shop, of course.
Craigslist, OKorder. Stores that sell rugs may have returns or discontinued ones that are marked down.
If you buy a rug that big on line, the shipping is going to be a couple of hundred $$. I've had good luck at auction houses where I've gotten hand made persian carpets for less than nondescript stuff at discount stores. You just have to be able to get it home.

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