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Where did the blanket come from?

In To Kill A Mockingbird in chapters 7-11


An operating system is a program that runs on a computer; it handles such tasks as input, output, program control, memory allocation, disk space, user access, and many other tasks. Different operating systems simply do this in different ways. Linux is an operating system; Mac is a type of computer. Windows is an operating system that uses visual and auditory means for a user to communicate with it; older computers used simpler and more primitive systems like DOS (which just stands for Disk Operating System), in which the user had to know more, and the computer did less for the user automatically. Even earlier operating systems included the various IBM operating systems for mainframe machines such as IBM 360/370/390. Before that were even more primitive systems that had to be fed into the machine each time it was powered up. The main thing that you should know about an operating system is that it should be one that creates a platform for you to run the programs (known as applications) that YOU need to be able to run to do the work that YOU want to do. The fanciest computer in the world is no good if you can't use it to do what you want! I would say that the reason Linux and Mac are not as popular as Microsoft's Windows is that there are just not as many applications available for them that the average user would find useful or interesting. Windows has put computers into the hands of virtually anyone who can afford to buy one. Linux (and its predecessor, Unix), were very cryptic systems that would be very confusing to the average person. The Mac also seems to have fewer programs available for it, although I know plenty of people that swear by it for graphics design and similar applications. All in all - go with the system that makes sense for YOU.
idk how to give a right answer, any more these days people go back and forth from good guy to bad. i mean when the rock came back last year Cena was everyones favorite then they switched back to the rock so you dont know you to pick for the good or bad guy. CM Punk used to be alright and now i just cant stand him. Ive never liked Dolph Ziggler. Shaemus is just plain awesome and hilarious but he used to kinda be a bad guy. Alberto Del Rio used to be bad but now is good. Big Show used to be something but now he's def bad and the biggest cry baby ever. Brock Lesnar's just a big *****, Jack Swagger is alright but idk what side i'd put him on right now, chris jericho is back and forth as well. and of course THE SHIELD is bad but they're also the biggest bunch of ******* i've ever seen on TV not fightin fair and when its 3 on 1

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