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where to find used carpet?

I am trying to find some used carpet for sale or for free to put in my garage any suggestions on where I coulda buy some or find some for free I live in the high desert in California


There are several places you can look to find used carpet for sale.For small amounts of carpet search online classifieds sites like Craigslist and Freecycle.
Any hotels or motels in the area? They change carpet regularly. Some restaurants have rugged flat pile carpets that are regularly changed. Can't hurt to ask.
Go to your local mom and pop carpet store . Not the big box stores. Ask them. They have to dispose of carpet they rip out of homes and bussinesses and have to pay to have it hauled away from their store. I used to give it away like that to save costs.But this is often very dirty carpet so heads up. GL
Try a habitat for humanity restore. You probably have one around there or ask somebody who's doing a reno on their house. You never know.

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