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Which do you think is better the AMD FX-8350 or the Intel i7 3930K?

If someone can help me that will be great i heard that the intel i7 3930K is better but i think the AMD FX-8350 is a bit better even overclocked but can someone help me and tell me which is better?


My mistake sorryI have an i7 3930kNot worth considering if all you want from your PC is a competent gaming machineSandy Bridge-E commands a premium compared to Intel's other chipsets and CPU linesThat premium doesn't translate into better gaming performanceSandy Bridge-E is primarily a workstation/enterprise platform then a home consumer and gaming oneThe only reason i whent for a 3930k is because i run a significant amount of virtual machines on my PCHaving 6 physical cores and 12 threads threads certainly come in handy when you're running a dozen Windows Server and desktop virtual machinesSo too the motherboards featuring 8 DIMM slots allowing me to run with 64GB of RAMQuad channel DDR3 doesn't hurt either with this many VMsYou can pickup an Intel i7 3770k for almost half the price of an 3930kDespite the 3770k having 2 less cores and only supporting tripple channel memory you wouldn't be able to find a single game where my $600 CPU outperforms the $330 3770k by a significant margin yet alone noticeable oneYou'd be best of dumping the $270 or more that you're saving into a more powerful graphics card or going cross fire/SLIThat would do far more The Fx-830 is cheaper but not better look at ether an i5 or the 3370k

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