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Which is the better XBOX 360 wireless controller battery pack?

I can buy a 3600mAH battery pack or a 2100mAh battery pack, which one holds a better charge?


If You Want To Play A game Continuesly For Hour Then I Reccommend For You To But The Wireless If Not then Wireless
i would go with rechargable AA batteries from amazon. go with Eneloop by Sanyo. GREAT BATTERIES. a 4 pack and charge will run about $20. you these for your wireless controller. the xbox battery pack is good but overtime will lose its charge. iv had mine now for about a year and a half and the battery last half as long as it used to and i honestly dont play my xbox that much. plus you will be able to use the batteries for multiple things unlike the xbox battery pack.
Well im going to tell you but first i want you to understand what your asking, in long terms mAH stands for milliAmp Hours so using the 2100mAH one as an example you can have 2100 milli-amps for 1hour or any ratio of that like 210 milli-amps for 10hours thats what works out the charge ratio so the bigger the mAH the longer it will last because the controller only uses a set charge, sorry if that was confusing but in short terms the 3600mAH is bigger and better
relatively the restoration is somewhat basic. Wrap some Scotch tape around your batteries. one at a time, wrap each and each battery around with the tape thrice. the priority is that the battery %. is in simple terms slightly too great for the batteries themselves. After wrapping the batteries place them back into the %. and reconnect.

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