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Which monitor connector is better?

I know that DVI is the worst and HDMI is the best (i think)What is the hierachy? How do they rank up? what about mini display port and so on


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DVI and HDMI are virtually equivalent the only difference other than connector shape and size is that HDMI also carries up to 7.1 audio. In fact you can use an adapter to convert DVI to HDMI and vice versa. However when you use an adapter for this function depending on what components you are trying to connect and their HDCP protocols you may run into a road block. Display ports are the same as DVI just smaller. and below DVI HDMI and display port is the old tride and true VGA port which is analog only (all previous mentioned connections being digital) which easily converts into component RGB and can carry a 1080p analog signal (without audio). Below that is S-video the best of standard definition. It will not carry a signal greater than 480p but it will be the best connection for that standard, then comes composite RCA (the yellow jack) and finally coaxial cable. Hope this answers your Q

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