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Which of the following lose or gain electrons?

aPotassiumb CalciumcNitrogendFluorineeAluminumfOxygen And what is the number of electrons gained or lost and the ion formed?


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The metal loses one or more electrons while the nonmetal gains one or moreTherefore, K, Ca and Al lose electrons because they are metals while the rest gain electronsThe number of electrons lost depends on the position of the metal in the periodic tableGroup 1 elements lose 1 electron, group 2 elements lose 2 electrons, the transition and inner transition metals (groups 3 to 12 and the lanthanides and actinides) lose varying number of electrons, the p block metals (groups 13-16) also vary in the number of electrons lost The p block nonmetals (groups 13-17) gain electrons to get a total of 8 valence electronsThe Halogens (group 17) with 7 valence electrons gain only 1 more electronThe Chalcogens (group 16) with 6 valence electrons gain 2 electrons to become stableThe short-cut in determining the number of valence electrons for the p block elements (groups 13-18) is group number minus 10To find the number of electrons gained, subtract number of valence electrons from 8 A positive charge results when an electron is lost because the number of protons then exceeds the number of electronsOpposite happens with the negative chargeSo, the answer is : K 1+ 1 e lost Ca 2+ 2 e lost N 3- 3 e gained F 1- 1 e gained Al 3+ 3 e lost O 2- 2 e gained

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