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Which QB and RBs should I start for my Week 17 Championship?

QB: Peyton Manning of Marc Bulger?Both are studs and should do well. I play against Marvin Harrison and am leaning toward Peyton to cancel out Marvin's points and cash in on the him spreading it around.RB: Deuce McAllister, Reggie Bush, Laurence Maroney, Michael Turner, and Adrian Peterson. (Available players to get playing time: Justin Fargas, Leon Washington, Kevin Faulk)I can start 2 of the above RBs to play alongside my horse Larry Johnson. Sadly none of them are sure fire starters this week. -The Saints are locked in as the 2 seed, so Deuce and Reggie probably won't play much. -The Patriots and Maroney are either the 3 or 4 seed but that really makes no difference because it's an automatic home game, then road game. -The Chargers play at the same time at the Ravens who could steal the 1 seed from them, but they play the Cards, so Turner could get in. -The 1 seed Bears and Adrian Peterson play the Pack who could have a lot to play for.


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