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which way is better Feng Shui?

Feng Shui consulting head, which way is better Feng Shui?


Enrichment range: bedroom beds should be placed on three sides of a wall on the position, the bed placed in a wind of gas reservoir where they will be promoted. Feng Shui emphasizes the living room is money, the room is the Treasury, so if you can sleep in the financial position, can have the effect of enrichment. In a bedroom, money or where there may be Wang in diagonal door. The place where the money is kept is as clean as possible, so that it will be faster to make money. Also can put some round or pot type cornucopia, or safe things will be more effective. In addition to the above items, such as pots, plates, coins, coins, crystal, crystal cave also has enrichment effect!
The head of the bed is not directed toward the corridor, elevator room, stair room, toilet's sewer pipe and toilet bowl. Because these represent the place where the sun moves, the air flow is very unstable. Although it is separated by a wall, it still comes to the brain waves of people, so that people can not sleep peacefully.
A corner without doors and windows. Put the bed in the room from the corner of the door and window, there are walls on both sides, if not, on the position of doors and windows to add Feng Feng and baffle, the purpose is to shield the doors and windows of the shooting, so that the bed can hide the wind, gather gas.
Bedroom bed, placed under the beam. The bed should not be Feng Shui beam coping think it will cause damage to human health such as head, cause headaches, insomnia, dizziness, other brain diseases etc.. The way to avoid it is to move the bed to the other side and avoid the cross beam. If the room area is too small or other reasons can not be avoided, you can also use the cover method, that is, with the ceiling to cover the beam, thereby reducing the pressure. In addition to the five emperors of ancient coins hanging in the beam two Rui to resolve.
Bedroom, bedside placed, avoid gap: bedside is best to rely on the wall or physical display, Feng Shui science known as the patron. Avoid leaving too much space. Otherwise, it is easy to create hallucinations, insecurity, depression.

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