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Who here has lived through the Civil Rights Movement and is willing to answer 5 questions for me?

I need 2 people who lived through this time period from different racial groups. Please leave your name and age(if you prefer to leave it disclosed, just put i.e. 30's, 40's, 50's, etc.) (race would help too) when you respond. That would be lovely :D1) Where did you stand during the civil rights movement? (for or against it?)2) There were incidents where Blacks would be sprayed by fire hoses or be dragged along the street by being tied by a car. How did you feel about it or what would you have done in that situation?3) What was your response of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.? Was it any different than Malcolm X's?4) What was it like going to a segregated school?5) How has the Civil Rights Movement affect how you live today? Thank you for those who answer!


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