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Who invented the radial tire?

Space shuttle Discover STS-121 is using this brand of tires for landing tomorrow


There are two types of TIRES.The first is called Bias ply tires,the other is radial.Bias ply are wht they used to put on cars in the 50'sRadial tires are what most cars used todayRadial tires are called that because of the way the tread wraps around the edge of the tire.Radial tires make your car turn better at higher speeds,and give you a smoother rideIf you car was designed to have radial tires and you put Bias py on them, it will not handle as good and could cause an accident.
Who Invented The Radial Tire
Michelin invented the radial tire in 1946 (patent: 06/04/1946). The first radial was named pneu X in 1949. In 1952, Michelin extended the radial to truck tires.

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