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Why am I so Nervous when I leave the house?

I'm a 20 year old male, when I leave the house everything is fine, but when I get around others my heart starts beating very fast, and I just can't be myselfIt makes me feel uncomfortable, and it just ruins everythingThis can happen anywhere like if i'm at a stoplight/stop sign, and a person in the car next to me looks my way I start to feel uncomfortable, so i look forward, and i get super nervousThe only time i feel comfortable is when I'm at homeThat's when i can be myself


Agoraphobia A fear of leaving the house is associated with agoraphobia, though not all people with this disorder have this concernAgoraphobia can occur on its own, but is more commonly a complication of panic disorderYou do not need to be homebound to be diagnosed with agoraphobiaAgoraphobia can cause a panic response in an array of situations, including traveling by car, train, plane or bus; being in an elevator, crowd, large store, or confined area; being on a bridge or standing in a lineThe fear associated with agoraphobia is so intense that a person will usually go to great lengths to avoid the feared situationsAt the most extreme cases, agoraphobia can develop into a fear of leaving one’s house altogetherOne’s home becomes his or her “safe zone.” You may have a Social Phobia is characterized by an intense fear of situations, usually social or performance situations, where embarrassment may occurIndividuals with the disorder are acutely aware of the physical signs of their anxiety and fear that others will notice, judge them, and think poorly of themThis fear often results in extreme anxiety in anticipation of an activity, a Panic Attack when faced with an activity, or in the avoidance of an activity altogetherAdults usually recognize that their fears are unfounded or excessive, but suffer them nonethelessBut Agoraphobia sounds more like your situationI am a nursing student about to graduate from the nursing program in 2 months :) So I learned all about thisYou're not alone first off! Talk to your doctor, don't feel embarrassed or ashamedYour doctor will help you and may refer you to someone who is specialized with this type of phobiaI suggest looking it up onlineLearning more about it and find a support groupRemember you are NOT alone!!! Good luck!

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