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Why did my car do this?

I have a corsa 04 plate and i went over a speed bump which i didn't go fast over then straight after, my car made a loud bang sound, then i parked it and had water trailing and leaking from under the bonnet. Got it checked and the water pump bearings are gone.. Carefully drove it home and i had to go 10mph, my temp gauge increased in ten mins and my engine mount dismounted,where the bolts fell out!! How did a speed bump that i didn't even go fast over, do such damage to my car?


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This is certainly possible and not very difficult if you have a general understanding of the electronic functionality and the courage to take off some panels in your new car. The kits can be very affordable, ranging from just remote locking to other features including alarm systems, but the locking part is very simple, and just requires piggy-back wiring to the car's existing system.

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