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Why did my smoke detector go off?

This morning around 5am the smoke detector in my upstairs hall way, right outside my bedroom went off twice. The one that is in bedroom didn’t go off and none of the other ones in the house went off. It’s hard wired so I know its not batteries needing to be replaced that made it beep. There was no fire obviously and when I disconnected it from the ceiling I found a spider in it. Is it possible that the spider some how messed up it’s sensors?


There is always a way to deactivate an alarm system but we would have to know what type of alarm is installed. If it isn't a factory alarm I would remove everything that is installed and reconnect any wires that they cut or spliced to install the system. If you want to try to keep the alarm look for the motion sensor and try to adjust its sensitivity, hey it may be worth a try.
Wow, that's interesting. Let me know if you ever find out what started the brush fire. I'd love to know.

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