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Why do my Woolly Jumpers come out of the wash feeling stiff?

Whenever I wash my woollens, they have that stiff, rough feelingIt feels horrible to wearHas anyone got any tips on getting Woollens to feel lovely and soft, rather than stiff and scratchy.??


Jodester mentioned some great things, i couldnt add much else, but here is an awesome website that covers pretty much everything u need to knowIf this is to be ur first ferret, u shud do some research first, mebbe join a ferret forum and ask some questions about them, they also tend to have some useful threads for newbies and most people are happy to help, i know i love taking about my fuzzies! hope this helps
The only really good ferret cage is a Ferret Nation cageFerrets love to romp and play, and they are the only cages with the full floor shelves which really give them the room to do this inside their cagesThey also have HUGE doors which allow you to really get into the cage and clean in a way those tiny doors on most cages do notYou should NEVER get a cage with a wire bottom, because it will seriously injure your ferret's feetWood stove pellets or Yesterday's News are good litters to useClay litters, clumping litters, and wood shavings can all cause respiratory infections, bladder infections, and urinary tract infectionsFor bedding, ferrets require nothing more than a hammock or two and some old shirts or blankets to lie onPlease don't make them live on shavings or CarefreshThey are not hamstersFerrets DO NOT like water bottlesThey will drink from them, but only as a last resortProperly you should get a large, heavy crock which locks to the side of your cage so that they can drink from a bowlThis water needs to be changed at least once a day, but preferably twiceFerrets should NOT be bathed often because it causes their skin to create more oils and they will get very smellyI never bathe mine at all unless they get into somethingAlso, to keep ferrets healthy they properly need to be fed more than kibbleA GREAT thing to make for your ferrets is something we call 'Duck Soup.' This is a ground up mixture of boiled chicken and kibble with enough water added to make it nice and liquidyFerrets love it, and if your ferret falls sick and cannot eat his kibble, it will SAVE HIS LIFE! Ferrets should NOT be fed any sort of vegetable, fruit, grain, or sugary treatThey are STRICT CARNIVORES! Meat based treats are the best - chicken jerkys, freeze dried liver, that sort of thingFerretone is also greatIt is an oil based suppliment with almost 100% of ferrets LOVEFerretVITE on the other hand, is awful and full of sugar, so please do not feed them that.
First of all: only wash wool articles at low temperatures and either opt out of tumble drying them or tumble dry at the lowest level availableAlso, some washing machines have special wool programsUse those in case your machine has themIn order to make your woollen clothes soft again use a liquid fabric conditioner rather than dryer sheetsGood luck! I hope this works for you!
Have greater suitable than one container and keep them on a diverse point than the nutrition and water many times as on the fringe of the slumbering area as attainable as they supply the impact of being to sleep walk to the container plenty so in the event that they could pass like up or down a point they gained't troubleBe incredibly, incredibly careful once you have them out of the cage in case you have different pets, they're going to attack a rabbit or a poultry on sight same for mice and hamsters or gerbilspurchase the final maximum protein nutrition you have the money forAs a retired professional zoo keeper and a ferret proprietor for over forty 5 years i opt to propose ZooPreemi admire natures miracle clutter, it is not any longer dusty and could no longer cake of their nostril notwithstanding it is going to clump even tho they do no longer bury their messdo no longer spend plenty on toys and slumbering bags, they have in simple terms as plenty or greater relaxing with issues like golfing balls (to push with their nostril), previous denims tremendously in the event that they have a pair holes, the legs make excellant tunnels, a extensive container crammed with the corn starch packing beansprevious or new decrease priced stocking caps are the final beds and that they wash surely, you may dangle them from the facets or applicable of the cage with super protection pinsI had one ferret whos superb excitement became into to get into the pantry and thieve uncooked potatoes then haul them around the living house an up the stairs to conceal lower back contained in the linen closetHave an surprising time with your fuzzy, they're large pets.

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