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why is my axle crooked?

i just got done off roading in my 96 jeep cherokee and while i was riding my drieshaft came out. It came out because my rear axle is slanted. it is about the same height on both sides but they look kind of like i hae 4 wheel steering. i droe it home and my tire was rubbing on my wheel welds the whole way. i have blocks on my leafs and 33 inch tires. What caused this?


the blocks are to blame, this has changed the geometry of the mounts allowing greater torque and your axle has slid you can loosed the ubolts and push the axle back to close to aligned and then take it in for a 4 wheel alignment but you need to invest in a suspension left and toss the blocks thats why true off-roaders avoid block lifts and spacer lifts
May 28, 2018
just a guess but i would think the off roading that you mentioned might have had something to do with it. i really cant picture what the heck you are talking about due to the amount of miss spelled words in this paragraph. Did you break a U bolt that holds the axle? did you break a leaf spring or did one of the blocks come off? did you bend a wheel spindle? i cant tell if only one wheel is rubbing or if they both were because you said tire singular and then said welds which is plural and also the wrong word but i think i know what you meant. i would suggest learning how to spell so that others can help you, or start doing your own mechanic work so when you are hard on ur crap and it breaks you can fix it your self because as it is you are up **** crick with out a paddle. Also i would suggest getting a real off road car, come on my mom drives a Cherokee
May 28, 2018

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