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Why should I bother to recycle?

For one, I'll be dead before the affects appearI say, make the govt put restrictions on how things are packagedPackage stuff in biodegradable materialWhy do I have to work for the way someone packaged something?! F that!


An American discards an average of one ton of trash per person per year, if that seems ok, it is two to three times as much as a typical West EuropeanCan you stand back and be beaten like that? Consider this; Americans junk enough aluminum cans to replace all the country's commercial aircraft.every 3 monthsThe ecological footprint of the average Canadian is one third less than an AmericanI think Americans should start showing the world what you're made ofYou have a history of doing things bigger and betterStart winning the re-cycling race not dropping out at the first hurdle! On a more serious note though, all I have to do is put anything that can be re-cycled (glass, paper, tins, plastic) into a re-cycling trash bag put it out once a week and off it goes to be re-cycled (incl bag)This would change things dramatically if the U.Shad the same systemSo I say make your government restrict packaging and improve re-cycling or you just might find something nasty happening in your life time.

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