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Why would a kid need this?

So I dropped my niece off at school today (she is 6yo, gr.1) and outside her classroom door was a sign posted that said No phones or Ipod touch allowed. What would a 6yo kid need a phone for or even an Ipod?I mean yeah, okay and phone would be good as far as being able to keep in touch with mom/dad (but the school can contact them when necessary) and they could listen to music on an Ipod (but they're 6yo, in school, learning, not listening to music).


Outer space has no significant mass - in terms of atoms and molecules. In that way, it is distinct from a gas like air. But it is not nothing. Space takes up space, and time occupies a time span. Space and time are connected inseparably by the way that light passes through them and the way that gravity acts on them. The warping of spacetime by gravity is not something that is easily observed in terms of everyday experience. Basically, what it does is to create straight lines in 4 dimensional spacetime that are not straight as we see them in 3 dimensional space. If you are coasting past a massive star without using your rocket engines, then the straightest line that you can take in spacetime is one that pulls you in a curve toward that star. As you travel along that line, you feel no forces acting on you, because you are always in free fall. In order to travel along a straight line as we see it in space, you must fire the engines and apply a force to keep from falling in toward the star. Therefore, since you have to apply a force to keep going straight - it is not really going straight in spacetime. The straight lines in spacetime are defined by the effects of gravity, not just geometry. I think your confusion may arise from thinking about outer space as nothing, and it is not nothing.
I have done this before and I can honestly tell you that the rubber will crack and leave bit and pieces in the washer a real mess to clean up , so now I wash them in the laundry tub and hang them outside to dry , I also try to purchase new rugs without the rubber backing ,if you need to prevent them from slipping away just buy some backing that is sold by the roll .
There's one that explains you need to waer appropriate clothing - remove jewellary, tie hair, wear gloves and apron etc Pest control I can only think of these. Hope this helps!

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