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wicca: how to preform a waxing moon ritual solitary?

I am new to Wicca and would like to preform a ritual. I don't have any fancy supplies and I would like step by step instructions if possible. thank you!


Hmm. Well, there's not really such thing as a 'waxing moon ritual' - unless you have another purpose to your ritual. Typically you could perform an esbat, but those are generally full moon celebrations for solitaries (as their other purpose is a gathering for a coven). Here's a general outline for any ritual. Cleanse yourself, cleanse your space, cast a circle (+invocation), do your ritual, simple feast/cakes and ale/whatever you'd like to call it, close the circle (+thanking and dismissing), job done (although it's not always necessarily just like that). If you don't know how to do any individual parts of that, you're not ready to do a ritual - it sucks, but it's true. If you can do all of that, well, you should write your own ritual. Because as there is no 'waxing moon ritual' nobody can give you one, and we can't write one for you because you haven't said what the purpose of the ritual is.
You don't preform, you perform. Go to the bookstore, look in the New Age section and find a book or two on Wicca. There's a couple by an author who goes by the pen name Starhawk who does a pretty good job of introducing newcomers to the craft.
When someone becomes Wiccan, you don't need to go jumping into full blown rituals. There are a lot of different ways to carry out rituals... if you're not familiar with any of them, with the purpose of certain actions or the tools or whatever-- there is no reason to overwhelm yourself. Even in coven training, it is something that would be taught step by step over time, not something you would expect to fully learn or understand in one sweep. The purpose of ritual is to worship your God Goddess... you can do that with all the formalities and just go sit somewhere and pray. Keep studying and as your understanding builds on the various components of ritual you can begin to form your own format.
You are going to at least have a flying broomstick- you can't perform the ritual on the ground.
Sweetie, before you do any full-blown ritual you should spend some time learning about ritual, about it's purpose, about it's many possible parts,about what each part does and why or why not it is included, and about the meaning and uses of all of the tools or symbols you will be using. Start small and simple until you gain more complete knowledge. Simply parroting what someone else has written without any understanding will not create a successful or satisfying ritual. If you want to celebrate the waxing moon, figure out what the waxing moon means to you and how you want to celebrate or mark it. Then do it. Not all ritual needs to be formal or long and complicated. The act of lighting a candle if you do it with positive intent and purpose is a ritual.

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