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will a rug doctor work on a futon?

My dog has now peed on the entire futon. If I rent a a rug doctor (from local grocery store) will it work on a futon? The futon is only about 4inches thick. I'm wondering if the rug doctor will be able to suck up the water it jets out, or if it will just make the futon wet?


This contains enzymes that attack the odor. Get the upholstery attachments when you rent the rug dr.
Having used a Rug Doctor many times, I seriously doubt that it would do any good in your situation. Yes, it does have good suction power for carpets, but even then, it requires time for the underlayment (usually foam padding) to dry, also. I wish I had a good answer for you. The responder that suggested you get the attachments, may be the best answer, just trying to suck the water out may be all you can do. Good luck...
Here are a few tips for futon cleaning—from your friends at Rug Doctor! The successful cleaning of the Futon depends on the filling within. If it is washable, you have a good chance of success. If subject to moisture damage, then do not attempt. Since the stain is over 3 days old, the urine will have gone from being highly acidic to very alkaline. This means the original dye could be affected and could be permanently damaged. Only cleaning will determine if the dye is OK or not. Further, the urine may have gone from being liquid to a sticky goo by now, and is likely a reddish orange. Treatment: 1. Fill the solution tank with a solution of 8 oz. of Rug Doctor Odor remover and 2 gallons of lukewarm water. 2. Connect the upholstery attachment to the Rug Doctor machine and switch on the upholstery setup. 3. Liberally spray the affected area with the solution, by squeezing the trigger on the UPH tool, holding the tool a few inches away from the stain. 4. When soaked, extract by pressing the recovery nozzle of the UPH attachment over the soaked area. This action will help extract the dissolved urine, while distributing the Odor Remover product within the Futon. 5. You may have to repeat 3 4 a few times till you notice the futon is visibly cleaner. Continue your last extraction until no droplets of water are visible through the UPH tool window. 6. Spray the surface with Urine Eliminator. This will help minimize stains. 7. Place clean white paper towels on the surface to absorb any wick up stains. Turn on a fan or circulate air. 8. Change paper towel if it gets too wet. 9. Examine upon drying. Chances are you have done a good job and the surface is clean! If stain remains repeat step 6-8. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly at 1-800-RUGDOCTOR

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