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Will the decoration of half of the material which needs to be prepared in advance

Engage in decoration selected half of the package, engage in the first day of hydropower projects suddenly let us immediately buy the strength of the box because the day will be installed, the results of hurry to buy bad and expensive, that decoration companies should tell us at least one day in advance it is good. Afraid of what must be prepared to let us rush to buy, so would like to ask this half-package what things to buy in advance to get anxious when the current water and electricity has been completed. Other cabinet floor tiles and other large pieces are ready, that is, do not understand the details of the small things added: who knows the details of these things, we have asked all the details of the problem, these little things we do not understand them Did not say more ah


Before the decoration, need to cabinet, bathroom, tiles, flooring these materials set in advance. Other such as hydropower, waterproof, paint and other auxiliary materials, including the decoration of the company's budget, do not need your own order. The specific circumstances of each company will not be exactly the same, are generally started before the construction workers, or the company first out of a shopping list out. And then wait for the owners to buy the material, and then notify the workers home construction. Common materials are as follows: . doors and windows: doors and sets, hoods, Pass, door suction, security doors, steel doors and windows, folding doors, wardrobe doors. . cabinets categories: cabinets, hood, stove, pull baskets, pots, kitchen treasure, water purification equipment. . tiles: wall tiles, floor tiles, gluing agent, cross card, angle line, the US sewing agent, through the stone, table, baseboard, floor drain. . floor: floor, baseboard, floor mate. . sanitary ware: toilet, hand basin, faucet, Sheung Shui hose, shower, towel bar, bathroom cabinet, bathroom mirror, bathtub, glass glue. . ceiling; Kouban, side, Yuba (ventilation fans), water heaters, octopus valve. . lamps; lanterns, ceiling lamps, switches, sockets, distribution boxes, leakage protection. . hardware; curtain rod, cooler rack, shower curtain rod, door locks, hinge, glass. . wall paint; wall paint, roller, brush, wallpaper, paint. . heating; radiator.
Landlord, these things, the construction unit to inform you one or three days in advance
There are some cabinet hardware, the other you can say hello in advance, did not say hello to sign a half package contract, serve your gas
The owner needs to buy materials: cabinets, heating, wall tiles, floor tiles, trenching agents, floor drain, skirting, tiles, waist lines, sewing cards, rags, wall paint, drums, wool brushes, floor and baseboard Doors and windows, sockets, switches, toilets, sinks, showers, water heaters, hardware pendants, vegetables pots, hoods, kitchen treasure, door stone, window stone, wallpaper, curtains, furniture, home appliances.

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