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windshield wiper blades stopped working?

its a 1997 f-150. there was snow on the windshield when i tried using the wipers and they didn‘t work, so i brushed the snow off and the the wiper blades went up but did not come back down. i can move them with my hand and when i press the button i can hear the motor running but the wipers don‘t move. im guessing there just off track or something. is this an easy fix? what do i need to do to fix them?


you have long arms going from the wipers to the motor. check and see if both arms are still hooked up.
Check the bolts or nuts under the arm mounting cap.
Probably you've stripped out the nylon gears in the wiper transmission -- the machine which changes rotation of the armature into reciprocating motion, to make the blades go back and forth instead of around in circles. Not a big job to change it out -- buy parts at junkyard; it's easy to check that it works before purchase.

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