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windshield wipers smear?

My windshield wipers on my 04 subaru impreza just smear water whenever it rains. I have cleaned it very well, even used clay bar. I have tried all different types of wipers with no luck. Now this is where it gets interesting, I replaced the windshield in november. The old one had this problem and now the new one does. I even changes the wipers when I got the new windshield. Could it be that I need new wiper arms because the springs may be worn out and not applying the wiper hard enough to the windshield?


your BF is a goof ball. But did they do a trans flush or just drain it and refill it. did they change the trans filter too ? ether way you did the right thing. an 03 is not that old. tell him your going to stop bathing, you would not want to disturb all the gunk on your body.
A transmission fluid change is good for the car it will keep it running longer. Smack your bf on the head please.
Wipe the windshield down with rubbing alcohol. Then take a rag and soak it in the rubbing alcohol and wipe the blades several times. That should work. If you use the orange colored rainx wiper solvent it tends to smear more then the blue stuff. Watch where you park. It sounds like something gets on the windshield to cause the problem.
Hope this is not your situation, but I once made the mistake of applying Rain-x to my windshield and later washing the car with Mr. Clean no-dry car wash. The next time it rained I turned on the wipers and it looked like I was spreading white paint across the windshield. Both products are polymers (one trying to get water to bead up and the other trying to get it to sheet off) so trying to clean the windshield was hopeless. I got the smearing down to a level where we could drive by using Barkeeper's friend and an electric polisher for about half an hour. The problem lingered until the windshield had to be replaced because of a crack. Rain-x and Mr. Clean car wash are now banned from my garage.
Could be, or you could be getting oil on the windshield from somewhere. Does it feel oily?

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