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would it be nice to have wood floor and rugs?

ok my parents are saying that they want to have wood floor in both of the living room also in the hall ways and they also want rugs in the bedroomwhat do u think


Yes! Hardwood floors increase a home's value because they outlast carpet and linoleum, and tend to look more sophisticated (unless they're installing those 2 1/2 inch wide oak planks that you see in more outdated homes. I hope they don't go smaller than 3 wide because wider planks are more in style now). By the way, the 5-6 planks look more country or Victorian and can look amazing in the right house. With hardwood floors you have the option bare wood or carpets/rugs on it, but with carpet you have only the option of carpet. With hardwood floors, you can change the look of a room simply by changing the rugs (it's like how throw pillows can change the look of a couch). I have Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors in dining, kitchen, breakfast nook, hall, laundry, and foyer and everyone loves them except our dog. Our dog can't get any traction and slips and slides so we had to put down a lot of rugs just for her. I think they're just as easy/hard to clean as tile or carpet, by the way. Hope this helped!
Aug 23, 2017
I have wood floors all through the house. Solid oak. I have rugs all over the house, most washable, except one in the living room which I clean with woolite. I don't really think they are cold in winter, we have a basement, which is insulated. They can be dusted with a swiffer duster, or a regular dust mop. They do need cleaned, and that is hard work or is for me now, with a bad back. By the way, I bought a shark steam pocket mop, the first time I used it, I sat it down for just a second, to move a candle stand. It make a white mark on my wood floor in the living room. I have rubbed and rubbed on that, I can still see it, no one else would probably notice it now, but be careful with those steam mops on hardwood. They really get hot. Do not let them sit a second without moving them.
Aug 23, 2017
Sounds like a good idea. I have wood flooring in my lounge and a large coffee table in the middle which is the same colour. Between them I have a big square rug which looks great :-) I'd say get the wood flooring first and then look at rugs you might want to get after that way if they don't look good together you can still return them to the store for a refund, hope this helps :-)
Aug 23, 2017
Wood floors are real nice, unless you live where it's cold on your floors in the winter, or if you have a dog with noisy claws, or if you're the kind of person who dusts everyday. Rugs are nice because you can change them out easier than carpeting.
Aug 23, 2017

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