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1992 blazer 1500 4x4 Straight axle swap?

Who has done one and any words of advice about doing this? Or any web sites to better help with completing the job


This is a common swap. One thing to note is you MUST use the front axle from a Ford truck as a Chevy front axle will put your differential on the passenger side. the transfer cases in an IFS Chevy require the differential to be on the drivers side. ITs an easy swap you just have to locate all the components in the proper places. You will also need to locate a chevy front axle and swap everything from the knuckles out so you will still be 6-lug up front. The COOL thing is you can take the chevy axle and put everything from the Ford axle on it and Sale it to a Jeeper to make up some money.
May 28, 2018
Fist off THERE IS A LOT OF LIABILITY DOING THIS YOUR SELF, so if your not too comfortable doing this find someone else to do it. however i have done quite a few, and its not too hard just make sure your math is right. a ford Danna 60 is the best choice for an Axel(as previously said), but you have to be careful about lining up your new Axel, or it will just eat tires up. ORU out of Cali offers a kit for this swap to make it simple, however it is a lil pricey. I prefer to do it my self from scratch, although i go a lil over board on supporting my front ends. another thing you need to watch is your spring placement, to far out and you wont be able to turn very tight with out rubbing. drive line angle is another thing you need to watch. other than that good luck. and if you run into any problems you can contact me on here.
May 28, 2018

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