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2008 Toyota Corolla engine light came on.?

My engine light came on 3 days ago.I took my car to Auto Zone they hooked up a scope and it read it was the gas cap.I cleaned the gas cap and the surronding area of the cap area.He turned to senser light at my request and the next day the light came on again.I live 90 miles away from a Toyota dealer.Does anyone have anymore suggestions?


There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to tell if the Gas cap is causing your Check Engine Light to come on using the OBDII tester (they don't have a scope at Auto Zone). You would need to Visualy inspect (was the gasket GONE) or use a Fuel Cap pressure tester to verify. What they did find out, was that the CODE recorded in your computer had something to do with an Evaporative System Leak (I hope). Of more use would be to post here the actual Code (or codes) P0xxx that they did retrieve from your computer. If you don't have it go back and have them read the codes again and Post your story again. BTW. it is against state law for Autozone or other auto parts stores that are not a licenesed REPAIR center (In California) to turn off the Check Engine light. (Turning off the light is a repair and they are not licensed to do repairs) Now YOU can turn the light off with their computer. Do not buy any parts based solely on having the codes read. Up to 40% of the time the code is telling you that the Device (for example an O2 sensor) is working perfectly and reporting (sensing) a problem that is occuring earlier in the process. DIAGNOSIS tells you what the problem isnot the symptom (the code is a symptom). Find the codes from last time or have them read again and REPOST your request. If it is someting bigger then it most likely will be covered under your 8 year 80,000 mile warranty that all cars in the US have (Except CA only cars they only get 7/70)
Your two cents is worth millions. I've been trying to tell people that for a couple of years. Having AutoZone read the code is good, IF you can logically deduce what the problem is. So many parts get changed out uselessly. Keep up the good work.

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