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Air pressure on back tires?

How much air pressure should my back tires have on my Infiniti G35?


Which Infiniti G35? 2-door, 4 door? What model year? What tire size? With this car there are a lot of variables. A 2006 Coupe for example with 17-inch wheels requires 30 psi front and rear but with 18-inch wheels requires 35 psi front and rear where a sedan with 17-inch wheels requires 30 psi front and rear and 33 psi if fitted with 18-inch wheels. The vehicle information tag should tell you what the correct inflation pressures are for your model. This is usually found inside the drivers door frame on most cars but your Infiniti is a Nissan product and they like to hide this in weird places like inside the lid of the center arm rest.
The tire placard may be under the center armrest or drivers door jamb! section 8 Page 40 owners manual says 33 psi cold air pressure. Low tire warning light turns on at 29 psi. Coupes and sedans are the same. Find a good gauge and check tires every time the temp outside changes more than 20 degrees or make tire checking a weekly thing.
Look at the sticker on the door, or possible in the glove box. Always follow the manufacturers recommendations. The correct pressure is determined by the car, not the tire. The pressure on the sidewall is the MAXIMUM pressure for the tire! Do not inflate to this pressure. Check and Adjust First Thing In The Morning. Set according to the vehicle manufacturer's cold tire pressure(s) recommended on the vehicle's tire placard or in its owner's manual. This must be done before rising ambient temperatures, the sun's radiant heat or even driving short distances temporarily warms the tires.

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