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American english and British english?

My question is, why there are differences between the british enlish and our enlish?I really don't understand, I know that the quot;realquot; english is the british one, but i don't know why some words change, I understand that the pronunciation change, but the words? Why? I really wanna know that.


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What you can do is called systematic dissensitizationIt is the process of exposing yourself to the object or situation you fear from a low degree to a higher degreeFor example, you can imagine being in a tight placeAfter sometime of getting used to it, visit an airport or board a coupe that is immobileAnd after getting used to this, try boarding a moving coupeJust exposed yourself in small waysIt may take time but that will help you adjust and function in tight places.
This Site Might Help YouRE: How Can I cure myself of Claustrophobia? Four months before my fourth birthday, my mother let me play with some of the kids who lived next door and across the streetThey took me down the street to where a house was being builtThey stuffed me into some kind of tube or pipe and left me thereI couldn't get outIt was Dallas and.
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Hi Julia, as a Brit myself I would say that the most simple way of explaining it is like thisEven in different parts of britain we have different words for different meanings such as a cup of tea can also be a cuppa, cha, builders tea etcI would think that when we migrated to america the 'slang' they used became the norm and therefore it became a normal american wordAnother is Aluminium foil and Tin foilTin was widely mined in GB so the most common way of describing it was Tin :) hope you understand what I'm trying to sayIts all about the difference in slang and surroundings

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