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Anyone been to Key Lime Cove in Gurnee? How does it compare to Wisconsin Dells?

I have been to the Kalahari, which my family loved. My little one is a little afraid of water, so the slow big raft rides were perfect. The lazy river was good too.Went to Coco Key and was a little disappointed. My 5 year old loved it, but my 3 year old didn't get to do anything because the water was too cold and there was no big slow raft rides.Any thoughts on Key Lime Cove? Or any of the other resorts in the Dells like Wilderness and Great Wolf?


When I worked for a house cleaning company we used a pumice stone for heavy lime buildup and mineral deposits. You can get it where you buy nail care items in any dep . For a lime/calcium deposit, try a little diluted vinegar or lemon juice. Lime is a base, so an acid will remove it. After you get it removed you can wax, yes I said wax, your tiles with regular old turtle wax to help you keep it clean. I don't recommend it on your tub but the tile enclosure is ok. You may want to purchase a commercial-grade water filter system for all your faucets to filter out the excessive lime at the source. It's particularly useful in shower heads and bathtubs where lime ash in water may be an irritant to the skin.
I live in a hard water area, too, and I just used Kaboom on my glass shower door and I was absolutely amazed that the lime and scale was gone with two applications. Try it!
Instead of spending so much on all the different cleaners it is alot easier and usually cheaper in the long run to Get a water filter installed on your water and then have the tub replaced or repaired with a new product that they sell at your local hardware store that coats your tub with new enamel.
white vinegar will work just take paper towels and soak them in white vinegar, then lay them out all over the lime buildup..let it sit for a few hours and when you take them off the lime biuldup will rub off very easy.... depending on how bad it is it may take a few applications..but it works!
I would suggest baking soda and vinegar together. It will bubble up when mixed together let it soak. Scrub with brush. If that does not work I know this sounds crazy I clean houses and offices for over 20 years. WD40 is good too. I would spray it on a cleaning towel then wipe the lime build up. I have used this on my own shower when the water build up got too bad. Wd40 is a good water repellent. When cleaning sinks and tubs I wipe dry with WD40 on a cleaning rag. Make sure there is plenty of air stirring when using WD40 I will give you some advice when using a shower or bathtub if you rinse it out and wipe dry after every use the water will not build up.

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