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How much does a good air suspension for a 2013 civic cost ?

I was looking into putting an air suspension for a 2013 Honda civic coupe and I was just wondering how much does it cost to buy it and installing it ? It would be preferred if you can list the price of the air suspension desperate from the installation and if you can list any good website for this ? I was looking into accuair suspensions I think that‘s really nice I‘m just wondering how much can something like that cost for a 2013 Honda civic coupe ? Also what are your ideas should I spend money and get it or what ? I‘m not getting anything else for the car but that and some nice rims that‘s all I‘m doing so dont be calling me a ricer cause I‘m not really doing anything big to the car I just want it to look nicer so yea give me your opinions and tell me what u think and if u know anything please list some websites (: thanks


32-34 front and 36 rear.The pressure listed on the tire is NOT what the tire should be inflated too unless the bike is carrying the maximum load.It amazes me that people keep giving that answer out.
It says on the tire,BUT if u weigh in the 300# class use max pressure,in the 200# class below mid to minimum pressure.
Year and model would help. The numbers Andy gives should be in the ball park. Do NOT use the numbers on the sidewall, they are Maximum Rated pressure at Maximum Rated load. You will overinflate and have bad handling, at least. In the Owner's manual, and sometimes a sticker on the bike, is a table. It will have different pressures for each tire for different riding conditions: Solo, High speed solo, Double, High speed double.
Honda Civic Air Suspension
An air suspension system not only costs thousands of dollars, but does not last. Pumps go out, hoses leak, etc., and no one is every really very satisfied with the results. It is only good for custom show cars. Expensive cars that have tried it, like Range Rover and Mercedes, usually get converted over to spring suspension eventually. Air systems are too fragile.

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