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Are memory foam rugs good?

I have regular rugs and the back of them keep peeling and the colors are faded. I have washed them numerous times. I have heard that people are now using memory foam rugs. What is the purpose for memory foam rugs?


Sounds like a bad idea to me -- I presume you mean bathroom rugs. Memory foam is not very durable with heavy use and it would be wierd under a rug since it has such a slow rebound from pressure. The rug would be lumpy all of the time, leaving footprint marks wherever you walked. You also can't machine wash or machine dry foam rugs because they will break down from the heat and rough tumbling. It sounds like you like to keep them clean so that doesn not seem like it would be an acceptable option for you. Don't buy rugs with rubber coating on the back in the first place -- it always breaks down with time. If fading is a problem, stick to rugs made from synthetic fibers like acrylic polyester or olefin fibers instead of cotton or nylon. Those synthetics will retain their dye colors better. Buy good quality thick rugs with a woven fabric back or, better yet, that are reversible. I have had high quality reversible bath rugs in both polyester and in Egyptian cotton -- they have lasted beautifully for years with frequent washing and tumble drying.
Aug 23, 2017
I like how soft they are and they are nice to stand on.
Aug 23, 2017

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