Area Rug Cleaning?

I have an approx. 4'x6' long-shag, white area rug that's in need of a good cleaning. Besides doing it professionally, is there an easy way to clean it at home?


Put it in the driveway. With a garden hose wash it, use some liquid Tide and a broom. Since the rug is white, I'd use some bleach too. Rinse well, let dry outside draped on a fence. I do it all the time and the rugs come out like new. 4 x 6 is small enough to soak in the bathtub. Let it soak with Tide and bleach in the water, drain and rinse well. Hang over the shower curtain rod. Be sure the rod can support the weight and that the rug drips into the tub or you'll have a flood on the floor.
Aug 23, 2017
If the rug's been outdoors outdoors, it ought to've mildewed. If that's been out interior the storage, that's in all hazard ok. How lots do you need the rug you had? could it fee greater to scrub than that's well worth? Do you have carpeted rooms that must be wiped sparkling on a similar time save money? In shops there are a number of products for removing puppy stains/odors. If those do no longer help sufficient, call a professional for an estimate. We contacted a rug save (no longer a carpet broking) for innovations had a pair of small (3x5) Oriental rugs wiped sparkling for approximately $25 each and each.
Aug 23, 2017
If you can take it outside onto concrete, you can wash and let it dry there. You have to flip it over to make sure the underside dries especially if the rug goes over wood in the house. Oreck has a dry carpet cleaner that you sprinkle on, agitate (they'd love to sell you the machine to do it) I use a scrub brush, let it sit and then vacuum. It does a fair job.
Aug 23, 2017

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