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Axle repair cost on a 1995 civic?

I recently got hit and runned, the car cut me off and clipped my front driver side tire, sending me head on hitting the curve of the street. all I know of right now is that my axle is completely bent how much would it cost for a new axle plus installation? also is there anything else that can be wrong with the car? my alignment is messed up and have to hold the steering wheel side ways to go straight. can their be any more damage that I don‘t know of?


look under the car see if anything else is bent a new axle is like 4 to 6 grand you need an auto salvage yard and find your axle then itll be a lot less money and you can fix an alignment with a pipe wrench and tape measure but it usually doesn't cost that much to get it aligned after you do the necessary repairs
May 28, 2018
$2250 part per side plus labor which could be 2 hours 100 $4k. That's the low end, other things could be wrong as well and depends on geographic location.
May 28, 2018

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