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Best type of carpet with pets?

Recently,my dog Luda got very sick and had diareaha.Unfortunetly I was sleeping,so I couldn't let him outside.Long story short,our white carpet is soiled.What type of carpet,and what color is best for having a pet?If it helps; He's part greyhound/part black lab so he is very active.He does not shed,but he does have dry skin at times.Thank you for your time help.


ummm no carpet we had carpeting and my dog crapped all over it and kept staining it it's so much easier with like wood or something else
Our carpet has been great it has a stain guard so although a neutral colour we have no permanent marks. It wasn't a cheap carpet, I am not sure of the mix but isn't pure wool. I would think that the carpet selling places would be able to help as we stipulated that we wanted something stain/animal resistant. p.s. our very old dog has become incontinent so we have had alot of accidents lately, our carpet is a plain colour but with an indented square through it, so it gives off different shadings which helps with overall appearance.

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