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Bridge made of popsicle sticks, building help?

I need to build a bridge of popsicle sticks, that is 50cm in length and an arc or height thats proportionate to thatSo that's not big at all, how would I build it? Certain pattern? I'm working with the most basics of materialsRegular Elmers, and Wood Glue, with the regular sized popsicle sticksAlso this bridge will connect to desk, so theres no need for a tower to act as a foundationI know this might sound a bit confusing, but I'll attempt to clear anything up.Thanks


Bridges are machines that transfer the weight force of a load, horizontally, to the bridge support points, without deforming, excessivelyYou haven't mentioned how or if your bridge will be loaded, so it is difficult to give you general advice about how to make it able to transfer an unknown kind of load (point or distributed) to the endsAnd saying that the height is to be proportional does not tell me anythingIs there a specified proportionality factor, or can you make it as tall as you like? Are you allowed to put structure as deep as you like, under the road bed, or must all the support structure be above the road bed? An engineering problem, like this, really needs complete specifications, so you know the box you are working inside of Are you allowed to cut or alter the sticks before you glue them together? This is important if you are constructing compression joints between sticks (where one stick pushes against another)If you can cut the ends so that fit together along a line, instead of meeting at a point or overlapping, they will support a much larger force before the joint failsAnd adding small pieces of stick across that line of contact will make a much more reinforced joint- Regards, John Popelish

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