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Bridging router in Linux?

Ok folksI have a hardware router and I know that's easierIf I fail at a bridging router I'll do it with hardwareAnywayI have two subnets .12 and .15 all of the .15s are air gapped from the net except one machine that lives in both subnetsThe .12s are attached to an Internet router and all can see the netI want to use yum and a few other protocols from one of the .15 machines using a bridging router on the one machine that lives in both worldsI can do the firewall mods easily enoughThere are a dozen packages out there to do bridging firewallsAnybody have good experiences with any of these? I'm using FC3, and FC5 on all the machinesThe .15 subnet is run off a hardware switchSome of the machines I want to preserve the air gap onWhat's the easiest way to selectively allow only certain machines to bridge out to the .12 and the net, other than putting them on the .15 and or uplinking the .12 to the .15What are the hassles and gotcha's of the various packages?


By now you've no doubt realized that this is not the forum for serious computer questionsI suggest pinging your local user's group, assuming you're unable to find a forum or two dedicated to the subjectGood luck

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