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Calling all turkey cooking experts: a simple question?

Do I have to pour broth or water in the bottom of the turkey roast pan or not?My plan is to rub the turkey with flavored herbed butter, inside and out then wrap with aluminum foil.My question would be, since I am making a gravy from its drippings, do i need to pour a broth or water under its rack? if not, then i could imagine that there would only be very few useful liquid drippings afterwards so how could i make a 2-cup gravy from it?I'm planning to roast 13-15 lb turkeyThanks a real lot in advanceBeen so nervous for days as it is my first time and I've already called my mom-in-law telling her 'good-luck on our Thanksgiving dinner'LOLHAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


I assume your talking about personal items and not your basic camp setup, ie tent,bivibag,food,stove etcWhen im out in the sticks i don't take much clothes wise, all you need is a a day set and something warm to change into for nighttimeJeans are not a good idea as if they get wet they stay wet and take forever to dryWear a t shirt, sweater, windproof/waterproof mack, It may sound funny but long johns are excellent to wear under trousers they will keep you warmPack spare socks/underwear a woolly hat (most of your body heat escapes through the head) and a wash kit/towelAfter that its up to you take whatever you think will make life a bit more comfortable for you, chocolate, ipod a pack of cards and my favourite a bottle of whisky for those cold nights
Some of the basics include: Matches/lighter Rope/bungee cords Knife/hatchet Flashlights Sunscreen/Bug dope Garbage bags/Ziploc bags/paper towels/tin foil Tarps/Rain gear Compass/GPS Batteries Cell phone Water jugg Food Fry pan/soup pot/spatula Can opener/utensils Plates/cups Bucket/dish soap/sponge One 'luxury' I always bring is my SIRIUS portable boombox
Here is a link to help with all camping needsSome of these items you will never need others you will be hard pressed to be withoutRead this list and make your own decisions.basic of all basics are knife, waterproof matches,tent,sleeping bag, and bug spray.
My answer to you is go shopping there is a lot of things you need.Ill give you a few things tent sleeping bags stove lamp pots and pans dishes cups silverware utensil's for cooking we put our tent on a tarp for the water not to get in our tent Make sure you put a sealer on the seams of your tent so if it does rain it keeps the rain outIce chest I always bring plastic bags toilet paper water jug large size soap for dishes I told you there wasa lot and there is more.
Keep an eye on the pan Toward the middle of cooking if too much evaporation has occurred, you can add water to prevent the drippings from burning.

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