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Can i bridge 3 wireless internet conections onto 1 router?

hi this may be a tricky one, i have access to 3 wireless internet connections, they are unstable, dropput etc is there a router that could take the 3 connections and make them into 1? or if not can i have a incoming router that can change incoming connections as the better ones are availabe?


If you think you'll save time, money or anything, I can assure you you won'tGetting your own Internet connection would be much cheaper and save you multiple sleepless nights getting this setup doneBut if you really want to go through with it, look for products like Peplink Balance 30 which will take 3 WAN connectionsAt this point, you will still need to get some kind of setup to convert the wireless signals into ethernetAnother solution would be to configure a Linux machine with 3 wireless adapters and install load balancing software on itThere may be an existing product that does it all but I haven't found it in 5 minutes and considering the Peplink costs 400$, the other device would probably be more than twice as expensive (since this is a ridiculous setup almost no one would use)I tried and tried to imagine any kind of scenario where it would be intelligent to do so and I haven'tGet your own Internet connection!

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